Are there great ideas in your region that need a better business case to secure funding?


Since 2013, Regional Solutions has been developing and testing a Best Practice Business Case Pathway to showcase the design, investment and implementation of Regionally Significant Projects.


"The development of RSF as a place-based Business Case process for Public Catalyst Infrastructure has been driven with the goal to open new pathways for attracting private sector investment in Regional Australia."


To assist the development of investable projects there are a range of options that can be customised to your region:

  1. Right START Right PROJECT: Setting the Vison, Principles and Process for developing and investable Business Case
  2. BrightSPARC: Big Idea testing for Significant Project Activation & Regional Collaboration
  3. BESTstart: Building the Bankable Emotive Strategic Team based BUSINESS CASE


The Regional Business Case Accelerator is delivered through the Regional Solutions Framework (RSF).  

RSF has been developed to meet the criteria of programs such as the Federal Government's "Building Better Regions Fund" and other government investment programs. This systematic approach to business case development has focused on:

  • Maximising local benefits from Regionally Significant Projects
  • Ensuring that local projects can become Regionally Significant


The RSF is a new model for the development of business cases for collaborative investment. Unique advantages of RSF are:  

  • Early identification of project ideas that are unlikely to attract investment funding
  • Promotes a 21st Century approach to Investable Business Case development
  • Using a Collaborative Investment Platform to maximise investment partners
  • Provides a robust and systematic pathway for the ideation, incubation and acceleration of Regionally Significant Projects


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A Brief Back Story to RSF

Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia (SEGRA) 2013 continued to demonstrate that regional development practitioners have enormous place-based development skills and experience. This has led to the envitable question:

'How might we Design, Fund and Sustain

Regionally Significant Projects?'

Already there is a degree of consensus that local leadership and institutional capacity are two critical elements but how well do we understand the key attributes in these domains and how can they work to empower regions to drive their own growth. Also, it is increasingly recognised that transformation is best embedded through demonstration and that catalyst infrastructure is a critical investment for long term prosperity of regional communities.
Robert Prestipino, Vital Places and Kate Charters, Management Solutions (Qld) have founded Regional Solutions to develop the Regional Solutions Framework (RSF). This principle-based framework enables the fast track development of regionally significant projects and other economic development initiatives to support the sustainable regions.


"The goal of RSF is to assist regional stakeholders to develop catalyst projects that strengthen local identity, promote sustainable growth and maximise the potential of public and private sector funding."


The Regional Solutions Framework uses a specific leadership model and three step (AAA+) process around place-based thinking (Attitude), design-based thinking (Agility) and lean start up business thinking (Alignment) to create strong regional outcomes. Associate Professor Jeremy Buultjens and Dr. Grant Cairncross from Southern Cross University (SCU)are providing a critical consultancy and advice role in the development of this model. 

With the academic research and review support of SCU the aim is to develop Australia's first Regional Project Accelerator to act as a Research, Development and Demonstration catalyst for the delivery of Best Practice Regional Development Projects.


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