How to Set Your Project for Success

Applying the AAA+ process of the Regional Solutions Framework helps regional leadership teams focus on the key areas for regional transformation and create a customised implementation model that reduces risk and maximises local growth opportunities and partner funding. The framework provides an insight to how you can set your catalyst project for success right from the start.


What are the benefits of the Regional Solutions Framework?

The Regional Solutions Framework aims to accelerate the scope and impact of the strategic investments you are promoting to support your region’s long-term growth opportunities. It provides a systematic process that empowers regional leaders to develop and implement catalyst projects that respond to the regional challenges of the 21st Century and be well placed to attract public and private sector funding. You will be able to take the framework and customise an effective model for your unique regional challenges.

The Regional Solutions Framework provides you with the tools to:

•    Ensure your local community supports and is an advocate for your project’s vision
•    Use existing budgets in smarter ways and maximise community benefits
•    Set up your project team to deliver best practice innovation
•    Identify your project’s key elements and critical milestones
•    Attract additional public and private funding to fast-track your project’s delivery
•    Set up a project program that is on time, on budget and on Purpose 

For more information on the Regional Solutions Framework and how it can accelerate the growth of your region...


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