Catalyst Projects

The Regional Solutions Framework provides local leaders with the latest insights and strategies essential for developing successful regional catalyst projects. The framework provides a model and tool kit to manage the critical five phases of catalyst project delivery:

Facilitate | Formulate | Finance | Implement | Manage

The framework provides a customised way to start a project that ensures it is the right project at the right time for unique local needs of the region.  It facilitates the development and evaluation of the best model for the development and delivery of regionally significant projects.


Five Steps to Deliver the Five Phases of Project Delivery

Step 1 Allows local regional leaders to decide whether to launch the Regional Solutions Framework as a project development and delivery model.

Step 2 Provides an opportunity for local stakeholder leaders to be informed of the proposed process and nominate to be part of a Project Leadership Team.

Step3 Establishes a Project Leadership Team which drives the project brief development and guides the project delivery phase. A key outcome of Step 3 is a clear project brief for the commisioning of specialist design and research services.

Step 4 Progressive monitoring and review to adjust project process to ensure the intent of original vision and project brief is delivered.

Step 5 Summative review and evaluation of delivered Catalyst Project and delivery process.


Outcome Focus

The Regional Solution Framework provides a guiding process to the traditional action learning model where decisions are responsive and proposed solutions are measured against the agreed project vision and values. This model ensures a clear outcome focus is maintained so all activities are purposeful and meaningful to the project vision.  The process assists in avoiding resources diversion and  ensure a time efficient and cost effective delivery.

New Framework Aligns Policy and Place

The focus of the Regional Solutions Framework is to bring together existing policy trends, place-based practice and project development together with 21st Century business models and design thinking aimed at:

•    Joined up service delivery
•    Greater efficiency in resource use
•    Realistic and tangible outcomes in regions and  
•    Consolidation of projects.


The Regional Solutions Framework supports:

1.    Improved regional leadership skills
2.    Increased application of  human capital and
3.    Improved institutional capacity at a regional level (e.g. greater local autonomy, improved local coordination, better feedback into State and Commonwealth processes, decentralised local delivery institutions)

"The Regional Solutions Framework provides a best practice fusion of regional policy and place-based design to establish an innovative project development framework that strengthens local communities and helps position their long term vitality within the region."

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