RSF Business Case Kickstarter

“A new systematic and highly customisable Three Step Program

to build better Business Cases for Regionally Significant Projects!" 


This innovative approach has been formulated in response to current market research and strategic feedback from government agencies and regional stakeholders....An approach that has emerged from an enduring regional conversation that poses the question:

What is the fastest way to accelerate investment catalyst projects for Regional Australia?

Regional Solutions has responded to this challenge with RSF Business Case Kickstarter, a specific project development pathway focused on the high leverage areas within the early phases of business case preparation for regionally significant projects.  

The RSF Business Case Kickstarter is an opportunity for Regional Agencies and Development Authorities to accelerate the development of locally driven Regionally Significant Projects (RSPs) that are well aligned with public and private sector investment opportunities. This targeted and fast tracked series of Business Case development exercises works with local leaders and project advocates to develop the most investable projects that address the region’s critical economic development issues.

Fast Track Investable Projects

The Business Case Kickstarter builds regional capacity in the development of business cases for strategic projects that are well structured to attract public and private investment. The program is specifically tailored to the activation of project proponents at the high leverage phase of project concept testing and early business case development. A key outcome of this program is to move proponents from the traditional grant focus for projects to the development of well-structured "investable" business cases.

Expand Strategic Partners

The RSF Business Case Kickstarter works by assisting project proponents to maximise strategic partner alignments to sharpen the focus of their business cases on local employment and economic development. The program is a systematic approach to enhancing project business case methodologies to address key regional economic issues. This focused sequence of actions provides advocacy of strategic project development through a guided collaboration framework that engages local stakeholders and encourages feedback and refinement of project business cases.

Crowdfunding Regional Infrastructure

RSF Kickstarter is developed to be the entry pathway to the RSF Collaborative Investment Platform (CIP).  The RSF CIP has been developed to be the premier "crowdfunding " platform for Regional Infrastructure.

It's Never Too Late!

Whether your region is looking to develop new projects or just looking to optimise the investibility of existing regional projects, the RSF Business Case Kickstarter provides a new opportunity to fast track access to a broader network of strategic and financial partners.

Program Overview



Bankable -  Emotive  - Strategic  - Team based

Key Objectives:

•  Strategic partner alignment

•  Building better business cases

•  Identifying and resolving project blockers

•  Encouraging collaboration of key stakeholders

•  Providing an evidence focus early in the business case

•  Promoting an on time on budget on purpose methodology

•  Assisting the development of attractive investment proposals

Key Outcomes:

•  A structured approach to identify the highest leverage projects

•  Improves connections between collaborators, partners and investors

•  Progressive participant survey & feedback at end of each phase

•  Improves the breadth and depth of project discussions

•  Demonstrates how to link economic outcomes with regional aspirations

•  Provides a shortlist of locally supported project ideas

INVESTMENT GUIDE  for Your Customised Regional Business Case

3 Step Kickstarter 

Regional Solutions has developed a 3 step intensive program to kickstart the business case development of new projects and fine tune existing projects seeking to maximise their potential for funding partners.

Step One: Align      |      Step Two: Optimise       |      Step Three: Pitch

These project intensive sessions are customised to regional needs. The best results are achieved when proponents have at least a few days to a week between events to allow for critical customisation and engagement of project leaders.


For your customised application of the Three Step Kickstarter contact:

Kate Charters Mbe: 0408 882 871    |   Robert Prestipino Mbe 0414 550 975

or: XDUyOjMcLjk7NTMyPTAvMzApKDUzMi9yMjkocj0p@nospam