RSF Collaborative Investment Platform 

“A new investment pathway for Regionally Significant Projects.”


The RSF Collaborative Investment Platform helps: 

  • Local Investors to invest locally
  • Broaden project investment partners
  • Increase local stakeholder support
  • Delivers Catalyst Projects stalled by funding shortfalls

The RSF Advantage

The RSF Collaborative Investment Platform is unique in its capital raising approach. We have customised the standard equity funding platform to reflect the collaborative funding nature of regional catalyst projects. 

The advantage of using the RSF AAA+ process to develop your project is that it provides you with a business case that matches the best collaborative investment categories with the purpose of your Regionally Significant Project.

Platform Governance

Each investor will have conditions for their contribution that is reflected on the profile page with the tipping point. All pledged monies are kept in trust until full project funding has been secured and the platform governance ensures all legislative requirements regarding small scale offerings are fully enforced.

Respond to Market Needs

The platform provides live feedback as to investment demand. This allows you refine your project to better fit the market. With this platform, gone are the days of building Catalyst Infrastructure that remains vacant due to lack of local demand.

Position Your Project for Investment

If you would like to be part of this collaborative investment innovation, connect with Robert Prestipino (mbe 0414 550 975) or Kate Charters (mbe 0408 882 871).

We look forward to working with you on this exciting opportunity to build stronger regions.