Is the potential of your region being fully realised?

Are there great opportunities that never seem to get off the ground?


Imagine... what might happen

...if you could just get things moving!


RSF KickStart

The RSF KickStart package is an intensive 4-6 week program especially tailored for Local Government and regional agencies to breakthrough information overload, inconsistent assessments and organisational inertia regarding the design, funding and sustaining of regionally significant projects.

A fast way to innovate investment ready projects

Using the proven AAA+ process, the RSF KickStart Package fast tracks the identification of the best growth projects. It establishes the framework to ensure projects maximise their potential investment partners can be delivered on time, on budget and on purpose.


"The AAA+ process has given us a deeper understanding of our project

and what is needed to move it forward."

Beta Group Participant 2014

RSF KickStart provides:

  • A laser focused approach to assessment of project potential
  • fast track sequence to investment readiness
  • re-energises organisational innovation
  • the momentum for breakthrough action

Don’t Use this Package unless…

This high powered and intensive kick-start program is only effective for local agencies that want their region to:

  1. expand local employment
  2. secure increased economic development
  3. capture new economy opportunities
  4. show leadership and innovation
  5. increase government and private sector investment
  6. build a stronger local economy
  7. walk the talk of sustainable regional development

For more information on how your region can benefit from RSF KickStart email: Vz45MTgXJTIwPjg5NjskODsiIz44OSR5OTIjeTYi@nospam

Or contact Regional Solutions Founders:

Kate Charters mbe: 0408 882 871

Robert Prestipino mbe: 0414 550 975