Regional Project Accelerator

The RSF Regional Project Accelerator is a Research, Development and Demonstration (RD&D) facility for the fast track development of regionally significant projects. The core RSF Accelerator Program is the Six Month Innovator. This is an intensive project development program for regions that want to fast track their projects to investment readiness. 


In a Nut Shell...

The RSF Regional Project Accelerator provides:        

  • An application platform for the RSF via the proven AAA+ process  
  • Promotes projects that strengthen local communities and regional prosperity
  • A systematic pathway to Investment readiness of good growth projects
  • Seamless access to the RSF Collaborative Investment Platform
  • A transparent platform for government, commercial and social investors
  • Participants with a collaborative and information sharing network
  • Continuous innovation and process development through University research partnerships



For more information about the RSF Regional Project Accelerator contact Regional Solutions at IUhPR05hU0RGSE5PQE1STk1UVUhOT1IPT0RVD0BU@nospam