RSF National Vision

The challenges of Regional Australia can’t be fixed by just one great project.

To secure a sustainable future we need to innovate and implement at a scale that is transformative for regional programs and policy.

RSF proposes to ‘walk the talk’ as a National cluster of catalyst projects to accelerate local growth and regional vitality.

The following organisations have stepped up to participate in the 2014 Beta Group:

  • Hawkesbury City Council
  • Australian Tropical Agricultural Precinct (Malanda)
  • Tablelands Futures Corporation
  • Advance Cairns

Customising RSF

Critical Success Factors for Your Catalyst Project 

Implementing the RSF requires place-based customisation. To help guide the development of your project, the RSF Blueprint webinar series has been crafted to highlight the key content around implementing a successful Catalyst Project. 

These webinars will work through the RSF in a structured process and reveal key principles:



1.0 Helicopters & Hovercraft 

2.0 Right Start Right Project  

3.0 Project Advocacy  

4.0 Catalyst Wrap  

5.0 SEGRA Workshop 

6.0 Future Pathways  

7.0 Mentor Session 


Critical Success Factors

Setting Your Scale

Controlled Ignition

Efficient Failing

Activating Innovation

Network Leverage

Developing Your Program

Confirming Action 


We have a substantial opportunity for Regional Australia to influence the National Agenda through a network of researched regionally based catalyst projects. 

To accelerate the transformation of Regional communities, we need the momentum of a cluster of demonstration catalyst projects that provide good local growth outcomes and support regional and national prosperity. The RSF provides a bold innovation to help regions develop regionally significant projects that consolidate the opportunities at the regional and national funding levels, including micro investors, business and government.

The RSF is truly driven from a practitioner perspective and draws and 20 years of practice that’s derived from working in regional Australia.

The National cluster of prototypes as proposed under the RSF Blueprint will ensure your regional catalyst project facilitates faster broad scale benefits.

Organisations keen to be part of this regional innitiative have enrolled in the 2014 Beta Program that kicked off on 31st July 2014.


Module 1: Helicopters & Hovercraft

Webinar 2.00 pm AEST Thursday - July 31

  • Trends that matter
  • Unpacking the ‘city – bush’ myth
  • Understanding Place-based Scaling
  • The power of your Project Footprint
  • Current Tips & Tools
  • Q&A Intensive
  • Set up LinkedIn Group as Forum & Data Hub

Module 2: Right Start Right Project

Webinar 2.00 pm AEST Thursday - August 14

  • What does Attitude, Agility & Alignment mean?
  • Looking deeply at the centre and the gaps
  • Setting the Right Start
  • Ensuring the Right Project
  • Current Tips & Tools
  • Q&A Intensive

Module 3: Project Advocacy

Webinar 2.00 pm AEST Thursday - August 28

  • The secret to on time on budget on purpose
  • How to avoid Project ‘slumping’ 
  • The 80/20 rule of catalyst projects
  • Setting your process to leverage local leaders
  • Current Tips & Tools
  • Q&A Intensive

Module 4: The Catalyst Wrap

Webinar 2.00 pm AEST Thursday - September 11

  • Identifying your project’s value proposition
  • Reducing risk by knowing its place
  • Creating your own local catalyst wrap
  • New 21st century funding opportunities
  • Current Tips & Tools
  • Q&A Intensive

Module 5: Free Workshop Access SEGRA 2014

SEGRA Workshop* – October 10 (Alice Springs)

  • The role of Research & Collaboration
  • What’s needed to create a national cluster
  • Best ways to super charge your project
  • How to position your project for 2015 
  • Key Contacts & Networks

* One Person

Module 6: Bonus Module: Future Pathways

Webinar 2.00 pm AEST Thursday – October 23

  • Insights & Opportunities from SEGRA
  • 2015 tactics for Catalyst Projects
  • Best Tips and Insights from Beta Program
  • RSF Update and Future Applications
  • Book your 1 Hour mentoring Session

Module 7: Bonus Module: Mentor Session

  • One Hour Teleconference - November
  • Review Project Purpose
  • Discuss & Consolidate Process
  • Confirm Key Challenges
  • Check Customisation
  • Identify Priority Actions

Beta Group Program

Seven Modules over 5 Months