RSF Express 2015

“The fastest way to benefit from the National Stronger Regions Fund – Round 2 Submissions”

In late September 2014, just prior to the SEGRA 2014 National Conference, the Federal government announced the details of the National Stronger Regions Fund.

At SEGRA 2014 we conducted a workshop titled “How to Design, Fund and Sustain Regional Significants Projects”. In response to discussions at this workshop and with other conference delegates, the Regional Solutions Framework (RSF) has been customised to help regions who seek to enhance their project’s investment readiness for financial support from Government programs such as the National Stronger Regions Fund. 


RSF Express 2015 Fast Track to Investment Readiness

The RSF Express has been developed particularly for those regions that want to maximise their potential for Round Two funding that closes in July 2015.  There is less than nine months to develop the business case for Round Two projects.

For place-based projects seeking to promote transformative growth that sustains the region and strengthens local communities important stakeholder engagement milestones need to be achieved by the end of February 2015 in order to follow time for feasibility and final business case development.

Beyond Round 2

Besides developing the best quality projects for Stronger Regions funding, the RSF Express also provides a level of investment readiness that can establish ‘project traction’ for other funding programs through gathering a broad cross section of investment partners.


RSF Spiral

RSF Express is a tailored application of the RSF (project development) Spiral and its systematic AAA+ process to help fast track place-based priority infrastructure projects. The RSF process promotes innovative catalyst projects through the systematic application of Attitude, Agility and Alignment to develop investible projects that are also transformational for regional communities.

Project Criteria

RSF Express projects are developed to integrate the following four attributes:

  1. Integrated Economic Growth – RSF Express ensures the strongest integration of economic, social and environmental outcomes in the delivery of regionally significant projects.
  2. Turning Disadvantage To Advantage – RSF Express identifies the leverage points for transformational growth through a place-based and values driven project development process.
  3. Enhancing Investment Partners – RSF Express provides a framework to create new opportunities for local and social investors as well as de-risking projects for major financial sponsors.
  4. Embedding Project Viability – RSF Express prioritises the capacity for long term financial viability in the project’s business case ensuring the project legacy is sustainable.

Powerful Facilitation Tool

RSF express provides a project development pathway that sets a strong foundation of project governance for priority infrastructure projects. The systematic and robust framework provided by the RSF Express enables project proponents to develop regionally significant projects in an open and transparent manner. The process helps establish project governance structures that ensure the project will be delivered on time, on budget and on purpose.

RSF Express has been specially created for agencies that want their regions to develop projects that:

  • Provide clarity
  • Build confidence through delivery
  • Consolidate competence
  • Systemise integrated decision-making
  • Promote consistency through focus
  • Maximise project networks
  • Provide access to specialist support
  • Encourage the appetite for innovation 

Leveraging the RSF Five Phase Structure of Project Development 


Fast Funding in Three Phases

The RSF Express project delivery process uses the RSF 5 Phase structure of project development. The first 3 phases are the most critical to establishing the structure and business case for a successful project. A typical project can take 12 months to develop the business case for a place-based priority infrastructure project. The RSF Express is a more focused and driven application of the core project development principles to ensure the strongest and most integrated projects can be presented for NSRF Round Two submissions in July 2015.


Key Outcomes

RSF Kickstart

This focused project launching process is all about getting the right start for the right project. This stage gathers the most relevant place-based project information and engages with local leaders to quickly identify the type of project that would be most transformational for the region.  The catalyst for this crucial step is the Big Ideas Studios in February 2015.

The Big Ideas Studios collaborate with local leaders to set the key components that the pre-feasibility would further test and refine in Phase Two. Once the regional community has provided feedback on the pre-feasibility project than a focused investment in the development of the final feasibility study and business case is undertaken in Phase Three.

 RSF Collaborative Investment Platform

The RSF Express also provides a seamless integration to the RSF Collaborative Investment Platform (CIP) for priority infrastructure projects. Phase Three has been structured to leverage the feasibility and business case development process into the Stage One launch phase of the RSF CIP. This integration also allows investor interest feedback to help fine tune the investor mix of the project.

National R&D Program

RSF Express projects also contribute to the Best Practice National R&D Program Regional Solutions has established with Southern Cross University. The inclusion in this program ensures projects achieve a high level ‘de-risking’ and enhance their attractiveness for investment.

Project Showcase SEGRA October 2015

RSF Express project also have an opportunity to showcase their learnings as Best Practice case studies at SEGRA 2015. This is an important opportunity to accelerate the capacity of other regional communities to develop highly investable projects.


Start Now to Secure Success

Projects that start their preparation within the next few months will have the best chance to develop their investment readiness for July 2015 submissions to NSRF Round Two.

Ensure your region is well positioned to secure its fair share of Economic Development Funding.

For more information on the RSF Express and how it can help your region secure increased project investment contact:

Kate Charters mbe 0408 882 871

Robert Prestipino mbe 0414 550 975

Or email: TSQjKyINPygqJCIjLCE+IiE4OSQiIz5jIyg5Yyw4@nospam