“A Framework to Make it Happen!”

February 2014


The Regional Solutions Framework has emerged as a result of discussions that have taken place at SEGRA in the last three years where the action agendas have focused on the opportunities for regional Australia through:

  • Emerging technology and connectivity in a globalised world;
  • The role of innovation and entrepreneurship in regional economic development;
  • The opportunities from tapping into regional social capital through a strong regional identity;
  • The increasing frustration that regional outcomes aren’t reflecting policy rhetoric.


There has been a growing desire for ‘action through demonstration’

and an increasing call for organisations and key leaders to ‘walk their talk.’ 


The Regional Solutions Framework has grown out of frustration over urban-centric decision making, residual regional policy outcomes, fragmented remote decision making, and a lack of employment, infrastructure and investment in regions.


The Regional Solutions Framework responds to three key challenges for regional Australia:


1. Ensuring a region centric approach to policy development and implementation.  Too often the conversation is around adapting urban-centric policy to regional settings. Regional Australia needs to be embedded in the national conversation not a ‘special circumstance’ or ‘solution to urban sprawl and coastal population problems.’  As such it draws on some of the concepts of place based management outside the urbanisation/consolidation paradigm.

2. Increasing funding value and impacts of existing funding by accessing and consolidation of local regional activity and resources thereby creating local economies of scale, leveraging grants, taking action to mitigate fragmented often sectoral-based decision making that occurs in centralisation.

3. Creating a consistent narrative about regional Australia that will coordinate agendas, focus decision making, build regional identity and attract and retain investment in your region.

To help deliver these challenges the Regional Solutions Framework focuses regional leadership on:

  • Improving the quality of decision making by enabling processes that unlock the value of the complex relationships in which decisions are made and understand the nature of these interactions at physical and relational level;
  • Unlock new ideas in a disciplined and structured process that recognises the core capability behind innovation and can result in significant meaningful differentiation;
  • The allocation of resources to the best opportunities;
  • The formation of a more consistent form of value creation that includes economic viability, desirability and feasibility

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